Sunday 11 July 2021


Copland  -  Outdoor Overture

Elgar  -  Cello Concerto in E minor Op 85

Dvorak  - Symphony No 9, The New World Symphony

How thrilling to be back! And what better piece to celebrate the end of indoor confinement than Copland’s Outdoor Overture. Written in 1938 “with hardly a hint of darkness to shadow its radiant optimism”, it is full of fresh optimistic vigour. Follow that with Elgar’s ever-popular Cello Concerto, which reflects the much greater uncertainties of 1919, following the first world war and (mention it quietly) a great (influenza) pandemic. Then return to America, via Bohemia, for Dvorak’s New World Symphony and “the immeasurable yearning of all flat lands.” One can almost smell the smoke from camp fires under the stars and dream of a better life to come.